Asbestos Anyone?

I played the role of the Dr. Researcherand my first question to my participant was where would we be able to find areas on the Queens College campus that was in need of improvement.  Coincidentally, she remembered seeing graffiti while walking to class so we attempted to search the grounds in the area that she thought she saw graffiti. We could not locate the actual spot so we decided to use earlier photos that were taken in the Remsen building basement.

As you will see we found enough evidence that clearly states Queens College needs to improve on the condition of some of the older buildings. God only knows if the peeling ceilings and walls are hazardous to our health! I remembered how old some of the buildings were and made a suggestion that we take a look in Remsen’s basement to see what we could find. Before we could get down the steps low and behold what you see is the ceiling right above the stairway that is used by anyone having classes in the basement (picture on the right). There is actually a psyche class held down there – I’m in it, lol.

The second photo was taken in the hallway to the right of the basement staircase. It looks like it used to be an actual phone booth that was removed but no repairs were done to the area after the removal.

Our search did not take long at all. I handed my participant the camera and she started snapping away! We had plenty of pictures to complete our first  research project. I liked how easy it was to find improvements that were needed since we didn’t have a lot of time or preparation before class. If I was doing my own research project I would be careful with making suggestions because I don’t want to influence the outcome of the project.

Wow, much work needed here!

There was time to continue the research project in which I played the Participant and the goal was to head to the dining hall and talk about its qualities.  Both myself and the Dr. Researcher was discussing the amount of people that frequent the dining Hall and we noticed how there is not enough space to really accomodate everyone. For instance as I looked at the number of computers I realized that it would be almost impossible to use a computer especially during free hour. Then I suggested we walk over to the play area where there is one pool table a couple of couches and a few chairs. Both photos illustrate that the area is very small and it would be nice to expand on the space.

Again, I liked that due to the short time period we had to do the research project it didn’t take long to figure out which good photo’s to take and use that would support the research project. (Tricia)

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3 Responses to “Asbestos Anyone?”

  1.   rachelhymowitzon 10 Mar 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Wow, I never had any idea how bad the conditions of the buildings on campus were. I no after reading this I will definitley start noticing these conditions now that I am aware of it. I cannot believe classes are taught in rooms like that…ew.

  2.   christinepersaudon 10 Mar 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Everytime I enter Remsen, I get creeped out and feel disgusting and you have just demonstrated why I feel that way. Great pictures. The images just jumped out at me and I was kind of hoping that was a construction site, but unfortunately it is one of our own buildings!

  3.   antoniaon 13 Mar 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Well done, Edtricia. Very detailed description (taking good fieldnotes is one of the most important tools in a sociologist’s toolbox) and great pictures. I wish you would have been a bit more critical in your reflection on both the roles you played.

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