Paper Tiger

The main goal of Paper Tiger Television is to give a platform (via video) to different organizations especially activist groups whose desire is to express their thoughts  on various topics not normally heard about in the media. Paper Tiger is a non-profit organization who is against mainstream media because of the control they have of what is televised and what isn’t. Paper Tiger  reminds me of Public Access Television which allow individuals at no cost to use the station’s television camera to broadcast a variety of issues or events. Paper Tiger is open mostly to media makers who are creative and are skilled in media production. There is also a training workshop to help those needing to learn more about video production, importing music, images and much more. 

I would definitely make a mental note of what Paper Tiger has to offer because you never know when you may want to publicize some injustice that may be going on that you want viewers to be aware of. So I would definitely keep in mind the type of service Paper Tiger has to offer.

I watched the video clip on Health Care reform because I happen to agree that the public is not getting all the information and it is very unclear what “health care” for all really means.


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