Potential final project topic

I would like to do a comparison on what could of been done in the bronx regarding the potential growth that exists in the community and what actually took place with the reopening of Yankee Stadium that is not serving the community in the way that it should.

The growth in black sitcoms, a comparison with black shows in the 60″s versus the 90″s. What changed over time. Possibly a comparison in salaries. How were blacks portrayed in the 60″s compared to the 90″s? What is said to be the future of black shows and how they will be portrayed.

I may look to research Black Museums…the Guggenheim, Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan museums are more talked about and popular…but where are the Black museums? I am sure there are interesting cultural related items and stuff that can be found there too…so I am thinking about focusing on Black museums for my research project.


Held Hostage

This photo was taken from inside my car on saturday afternoon. I was intending on driving around and finding something interesting to put on my blog…well with a car spurting anti-freeze and smoking like it was on fire, I discovered I wouldn’t be driving anywhere no time soon…I was stuck.  This scenery of bare trees represent the winter season and the gloom I was feeling. The brown buildings behind the trees is York College. I watched cars for an hour drive up and down Liberty avenue probably going about their daily routine. I wonder what curve ball will life throw their way?


Introducing Myself

My name is Edtricia Atiles, I am a senior attending Queens College majoring in sociology.  I chose this particular photo because it is related to the passion that I have for youth. Every summer for the last approximately six years, I have been chaperoning a trip which includes taking over 200 teenagers out of the city for one week to a facility located in upstate New York. The picture shown here was taken in one of two places we have attended over the years called Lake Champion. I love volunteering for different organizations especially where it involves children or teens. I love encouraging teenagers to make smart decisions that will help cultivate and mature them into productive adults. The serenity in this picture is representative of the removal of the everyday hustle and bustle of living in the city to a peaceful surrounding that give the teens a chance to think, regroup and be better prepared to live life to the fullest.

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