Sideris-Loukaitou, Anastasia and Carl Grodach. “Displaying and Celebrating the “Other””: A study of the Mission, Scope, and Roles of Ethnic Museums in Los Angeles”. The Public Historian: University of California Press Vol. 26, No. 4 (Autumn, 2004), pp. 49-71

This article discusses the roles of ethnic museums in Los Angeles. The author researches three museums and how they vary in terms of their role in the community. The authors also discuss the tensions which exist and how new funding sources had to be sought after in order to attract a “paying audience”. In my research I am also researching how the black museums play a role in their community and hopefully do a comparison with the ethnic museum in L. A. versus the ethnic museum in Queens and Long Island. I would also like to know what challenges the New York museums are faced with and see if there is a correlation.

Kusimba, M. Chapurukha. “Archaeology in African Museums”. The African Archaeological Review: Springer Vol. 13, No. 3 (Sep., 1996), pp. 165-170

This article reviews the roles and responsibilities of African museums in regards to protecting the cultural heritage. Because of underfunding many museum professionals have left and gone to teach at universities or changed professions.   We are also experiencing a decline in the economy and I would like to research how the decline in our economy effect the sustainability of the Black Museums that exist today in our own backyards.

King W., Edith. “Using Museums for More Effective Teaching of Ethnic Relations“. Teaching Sociology: American Sociological Association Vol. 20, No. 2 (Apr., 1992), pp. 114-120  

This article explains how ethnic scholars are calling for multi-cultural/multi-ethnic education to be incorporated into the curriculum in early childhood as well as higher education.  Multiculturalism is reviewed as a movement, concept and a process. The key to multicultural education is to expand the knowledge level of students no matter what their social economic status, ethnicity or gender. This type of multiculturalism can begin at ethnic museums. Incorporating field trips to Black  museums no matter what “zone” a school is located, will help to educate students on other cultures either outside of their own or give them an opportunity to learn about themselves. I am hoping that the museums I visit have students from various schools frequent their establishment, if not I would love to know if there are any plans in making this happen in the future.

Methodology – I am looking to have 10-12 questions already written to interview the manager of the museum, workers and also visitors.  I would like hopefully to obtain some statistics on how many different ethnic groups visit the museum and if the museum is visited by schools. I will be using my digital camera to take pictures of the various types of artifacts that are in the museum, how they are stored, the condition of the museum as well as any signs of reconstruction if any. Hopefully I will also be able to photograph the interveiwees as well as the visitors.

Ethics – I will identify myself as a student from Queens college and make everyone I talk to aware of the research project I am working on.  I will get permission before taking any photographs especially inside  the museum as well as anyone I interview.