Final Project ideas

I am moving toward doing my final project on Black Museums. I am interested in finding out if people realize they exist by doing a couple of interviews.  I am hoping to also get statics from the actual museums that I found online regarding what their attendance rate is and who the visitors are (gender, age, ethinicity). How long they have been in existance. What do they feel are the reasons why there are so few Black museums compared to other museums. Why they feel the Black museums are not as popular as the more talked about museum such as the Guggenheim, Museum of Natural Resources etc. 

I would also like to find out the history of the museum and how it got started.  How are they doing in this financial climate as far as sustainability.  If there are other Black Museums aside from the two that I was able to find online.  What type of publicity is done to let the people know that they exist. I used google to search for the museums but it took a while for me to find them. So I am hoping to get good information from the staff. I am also hoping that they will allow me to take pictures inside the museum also. I am excited about this project and hope I am successful in making this my final project.